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  Electric apparatus Co., Ltd. is that one designs the new developing high-tech enterprise run by the local people which makes the serial electric apparatuses of solar energy professionally morning in the south of Shaoxing. Comply with getting green, environmental protection, energy-conserving era development trend, " sunshine turn light into " for theme of developing " morning such as the south, the solar energy photoelectricity of independent development changes the intellectual controller , far infrared sensing alarm of solar energy, the solar energy turns into all stone quality craft light, lawn light of solar energy, solar energy seven color become smooth ink float the light, solar energy courtyard light, solar energy road light, portable to charge light, car with meet an urgent need and start power, air pump and solar energy road protruding signpost,etc. products.

   People are devoted to pursueing constantly in the scientific and technical innovation field of the lighting electric apparatus of solar energy in the morning in the south, rely on fast study, firm will and selfless break-through, make great efforts to offer more remarkable competitive product and service for society.     Copyright 2009-2019 All rights reserved.  click contact for more details